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Friendly Florida Waters

Todd Hunt, the box cover boy from our video, College Swim Team gets the new year started early, capturing the cover and the centerfold of January 2002's Playgirl. It's a 10-page spread by photographer Greg Weiner that takes good advantage of the tropical setting of Todd's home state Florida. Todd's year-round access to the beach showed in his competitve swimming in our video. We particularly liked the underwater shots looking up- sort of a clam shell point of view. In a cold winter, Todd's Miami heat is a welcome warmup.

Sexy Swimmers
Our stunning male models continue to dominate Playgirl and other workout magazines. Alex Cee, the big muscle stud from College Swim Team, has a steamy 8-page photo essay in the December Playgirl. (We're absolutely sure that frilly lingerie Alex is holding belongs to the girl.) In the same issue Christian Adams, the coverman from Naked Cage Fighters, continues to look right at home in the gym with a kick-boxing session that gets out of control.
Three of the young athletes from College Swim Team are featured in the Winter 2001 issue of Exercise & Health. Alex is back with poolside "Sexercise", Trevor Dean takes over the "Get Pumped" section and Kyle Adams, fresh from Playgirl's College issue, demonstrates football calisthenics for the sports training feature.
See if you can spot all the Sharpshooter models in the November Men's Workout. There's Alex again (doesn't that boy ever rest?) on the pages 4 and 16; Christian on pages 10 and 50; Dan D' Ottavio from Naked Cage Fighters on page 58 and in a moody romantic layout on page 62. They all look great in the magazine photos, but they look even better live and fully nude in our videos.

Seeing Everything
Under Water

College Swim Team (No Suits Required) marks our first use of a sophisticated new underwater camera rig.  Unlike the fixed underwater cameras networks use to cover swim meets, this amazingly tiny digital unit (about the size of a soccer ball) moves along with and under the swimmers to deliver breathtakingly vivid underwater close-ups.  It's the kind of camera coverage (and the kind of naked athletes) network sports viewers can only dream about.

Our Swimmers
Show It Off

Two of our swim team contestants are making simultaneous appearances in current magazines. Kyle Adams (using the name Chris Mitchell) is one of the college hunks in the November Playgirl annual Varsity pull-out. Alex Cee provides the Openers welcome for the November Men's Workout. At 6' 5" and 230 lbs, Alex is much bigger than most competitive swimmers, but he makes his strength work for him in the pool as well as
the gym.

Our Men Fill Up New
Playgirl Issue

Sharpshooter models are everywhere in the August 2001 "wet" issue of Playgirl.  Doug Zimmerman, our coverboy from Naked Cage Fighters is their "Hot Stuff In a Hot Tub", an eight page spread.  Carlos, also from that video, and Tony from Hollywood Hunks' Naked Hideaway are two-thirds of "Babe Watch", a lusty lifeguard layout that makes the back cover.  Karl, the blonde bodybuilder from Hollywood Hunks' Naked Hideaway gives a poolside performance in "Wet Dreams." Wet or dry, we feature the nation's top models and bodybuilders all nude all the time.

Dancin' By The Pool

There's hardly an issue of Playgirl or Mens' Workout that doesn't feature Sharpshooter models.  The July '01 Playgirl keeps the string alive.  Their centerfold Man for July is Jason Daugherty, from our video Hunks on Haunted Hill, in a poolside shoot.  The steamy fantasy sequence features Jordan Dylan as a dance instructor.  Jordan's most memorable "roll" was in a hammock for his close-up and personal vignette in our video, Hollywood Hunks' Naked Hideaway.

Sharpshooter Men
Show it All Off!

Sharpshooter prides itself on being the only place you can consistently see the country's top muscle and fitness models performing totally nude. The August issue of Mens Workout makes our point by featuring seven (count them, seven) of our cast members in five different spreads. Lance from Hunks on Haunted Hill is the Body Body Wear boy in the Stephen Sandler ads on both the back cover and Page 9.  Peter Stevens from Naked Cage Fighters demonstrates "Grid of Iron". (We don't know why Mens Workout calls them dumbbell exercises, we thought he was quite intelligent). Christian Adams, our box cover model from Naked Cage Fighters demonstrates "Muscles in Minutes", Alex Bento from Greek Games 2000 B.C. is the cooling down feature.  No less than three of our guys are posing in skimpy swim suits for "Fun in the Sun": Cowboy Michaels and John Hardy from Naked Cage Fighters and Tony Morris from Hollywood Hunks Naked Hideaway.  But as we always say, if you want to see all of them, we are the only game in town.

Bachelor Referee

     Sharp-eyed viewers of our new release Naked Cage Fighters may recognize the referee as Jason Listi, one of the blonde brothers from our video Bachelor Party Weekend.  Jason is a frequent competitor on the anything-goes fight circuit so he was their perfect choice to coach the models in no-holds-barred nude wrestling and to keep things in the ring under control.  Despite the intensity of the naked action, the cast reported only a few minor sprains and a couple of bloody noses.  The catering table did set a new record for aspirin consumption.

Totally Nude Package
Seth Sorensen, cover boy from our video
College Muscle Jocks is back in Best of Mens Workout with a six-page spread called Total Package.  Of course to really see the total package, you'll have to check out our video
The article notes Seth is offering personalized fitness programs on the Internet.  His hardcore work ethic --- if you're not ready to throw up, you're not working hard enough --- should filter out all but the most dedicated. 

Television Trickster

     Catching site of Sharpshooter models all over the pages of Playgirl, Men's Workout, Men's Exercise, Gym and Burn is a monthly event. But Harold Leon Bostick, from our newest video, Hollywood Hunks' Naked Hideaway, is turning up on TV. Sharp-eyed viewers have caught the law school student on the syndicated shows Blind Date and Sex Wars, where he distinguished himself by flipping over a coin just by rippling his stomach muscles. You can enjoy some quality time with these muscles (and some others too) by checking out the video. Our models turn up everywhere, but you won't see them in our detailed close-up nudity anywhere else. 
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