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Jet Set Pilot
The "Superfit Jet Pilot" featured in a six page profile in the April 2001 issue of Men's Workout is none other than Lance La Mar, one of the hot naked studs from our video Hunks on Haunted Hill (under the name of Gavin Hunter-you guess which name is real).  Yes, Lance really is an airline pilot; if you're taking a short-hop out of San Juan, keep an eye on the cockpit. And don't miss the full-page wet shot of Lance in the same issue's inside back cover.


There's A Horse...
In Them There Hollywood Hills

     Playgirl is experimenting with longer and more involved story lines for their pictorials.  In the March 2001 issue, Wild Horses tells the story of a sexy stable hand-played by Frankie Cozzo from our video Hollywood Hunks' Naked Hideaway.  There is something about Frankie that makes you think of a horse.  It's prominent in Playgirl's black and white photo feature, but to see it in living color, we recommend the video.

The Hunky
For half the cast of Hollywood Hunks' Naked Hideaway, portraying first-time visitors to Hollywood was not a stretch--life imitated art. Blake and Frankie flew in from Denver, David came from Tucson and Tony from Tampa--all for their first visit to Tinseltown. Since we filmed at the most famous Hollywood landmarks, they could combine work and sight-seeing. They loved their trip but did observe that the real hotel wasn't nearly as much fun as the film's Naked Hideaway.

Sharpshooter's Men of 
the Year

    Playgirl's Man of the Year ballot (slyly called an "erectoral vote") invites readers to choose among twelve centerfolds for calendar 2000. Sharpshooter is batting .333 with four of the year's centerfolds showing even more in our videos: Mr. February is Julian Rios from Naked Muscle Warriors; Mr. March is Dave Dawson, Mr. September is Darnell Jones, both from Hunks on Haunted Hill; Mr. November is Alex Bento from Greek Games 2000 B.C. (Before Clothes.) Alex also illustrates the four page Total Body Workout in the Feb 2001 Mens Workout.
Sharpshooter Muscleman Becomes YMLA Model
YMLA liked a shot from Muscle Models Undressed of an otherwise naked Tone' Martin holding one of their pants in just the right (wrong) place. They've included it in their new catalog which you can request from their website If you want to see how Tone' looks without the pants, our video is your ticket

Western Wrestler
Jason Johnson, who graces the cover of our video, How the West Was Naked, appeared (very) briefly on an episode of the syndicated TV show Battledome. All Jason won was a broken nose. Taking off your clothes is an easier way to make a living. More fun to watch, too.
Sharpshooter Guys Workout
  Two of the model-athletes from Greek Games 2000 B.C., turn up in full-page color in the Jan 2001 issue of Mens Workout. That's Alex Bento on page 16 and Michael Brookes on page 34. Our ad for the video is on page 31, but if you think this was a clever marketing tie-in, you're giving us too much credit.

Bathing Beauties

Near the end of Greek Games 2000 B.C., the contestants wash off in a sun-dappled pond before the victory ceremony. The scene was shot after a long day of sweaty and dusty naked combat at a secluded ranch adjacent to Los Angeles National Forest. (Yes, Los Angeles does have a National Forest!) The guys were in a playful mood and the scene quickly degenerated into the splashing free-for-all that plays under the credits. It's a good thing it was the last scene- the produciton staff, cameras and equipment ended up as wet as the naked athletes.
The Boy From Greek Games
Alex Bento from our newest video Greek Games 2000 B.C. is Playgirl's November centerforld, The Boy From Ipanema in the Campus Hunks issue. Since Playgirl reveals Alex is from Brazil, we hope we won't spoil the surprise for us to tell you that he does very, very well in the video's nude limbo bar competition.v

From Military to Mountains
Thom Bartholemew, the coverman for our Military Muscle video, graces the cover of the November issue of Men's Exercise. Thom continues his mountain-man image with a striking pose shot by Charles Worthington against a rock formation. It's much the same look as he has in our video, although we have him a little mussier in fatigues and dog tags. The former Playgirl model keeps in shape helping out his brother's roofing business.

Forget Sydney, Travel to
Ancient Greece
Just in time for the Olympics: Sharpshooter's new release, GREEK GAMES 2000 B.C. (Before Clothes). It's the Olympics the way they used to be: pure naked competition. We'll leave the ping-pong and badminton matches to CNBC (they can have the neoprene swim suits too). Our guys' bodies and looks are gold-medal all the way.

Sharpshooter Screens at Body Body Wear Stores

Body Body Wear by Stephen Sandler, the ultra-hip clothier was so pleased with the way their designs cling to our models in Muscle Models Undressed, they're running our excerpts from the video in their retail stores. If you're in New York, West Hollywood, South Beach, Chicago, San Francisco, Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal, check them out. Sadly they didn't include the nude parts; they are trying to sell clothes.
Sharpshooter Studs Become Magazine Stars
More model sightings in print: The November issue of Mens Workout has a teaser shot of Michael Brookes from GREEK GAMES 2000 B.C. (Before Clothes) and a five-page workout with Gavin Hunter from "Hunks on Haunted Hill" . Jason Riemens, from Muscle Models Undressed, and just about every fintess magazine on the newsstand, continues his media blitz as the Discovery in the Oct. 2000 issue of Playgirl. Jason shaved his mustache and goatee for this session. It's hard to imagine he could look any better, but this might just be his best print layout yet. Of course the nudity helps too.

Abdominal Dreamin'
Jake Colebrook, one of our hunks from Hunks on Haunted Hill is the coverman for the October issue of Exercise for Men Only. Inside, in a six-page spread, Jake demonstrates "The Abdominals You've Always Dreamed Of." We suspect a lot of people are dreaming about Jake's abdominals after his memorable scenes in our video. More than his muscles are on display when he's tied to the bedpost, wrestling nude in the kithcen or seductilvely wrestling out his crimson satin shorts.

Playgirl September 2000: A Sharpshooter Month to Remember
Playgirl's Man for September ('00) is our own Darnell Jones (well, we found him first.) When Darnell turned up at an open casting in LA for "Hunks on Haunted Hill" , we knew right away we had a winner. After his steamy adventures with our ghouls and monsters, we showed the production stills to Dean Keefer, who promptly shot the ten-page extravaganza for Playgirl. Darnell's our candidate for Playgirl's Man of the Year - it figures his chances are at least one in twelve. The same issue of Playgirl includes Tony Martin "looking up" as they cleverly put it. If he's looking up in Playgirl, he's practically an astronomer in our video Muscle Models Undressed . We memorably covered him in white balloons which all managed to burst by the end of the segment, (Didn't Sally Rand do that act?) We billed him as Tone' Martin - the spelling changed, the pronunciation didn't.

A Haunting Memory
The creepy old mansion used as the set for Hunks on Haunted Hill wasn't really a hill and it wasn't really haunted (although its owner does hear funny voices sometimes.) It's one of the 19th century craftsman houses in LA's historic West Adams district. Any self-respecting ghost would have fled the premises when Sharpshooter's convoy of cameras, lights and production gear rolled up, followed shortly by nine great looking studs ready to take it all of in the name of art (or maybe commerce.) One of the treats in south-central LA is that meals can be bought from a neighborhood barbecue shack. The Haunted House gang broke for an amazing feast of ribs, chicken, links and peach cobbler. The only one not so happy about it was the make-up stylist, Mr. Ed who spent the afternoon wiping barbecue sauce from some odd places.

Men's Workout Coverman Undressed
If you want proof that the cast of our video, Muscle Models Undressed are really muscle models, just glance at any newsstand. That's Jason Riemens, looking pumped-up and hot in tight-fitting yellow shorts on the cover of the September issue of Men's Workout. It's hard to miss Jason anywhere this month. The former Mr. Grand Rapids also demonstrates "The Executive Workout" in the July issue of Burn Magazine, the Washboard Abs workout in the June issue of GYM, and workouts for backs and legs in the fall issue of Exercise & Health. When you've seen enough of Jason in exercise shorts, get an eyeful of the skimpy thong, mesh posing strap and finally nothing at all he shows off in our video.

Reform School Boys
Patient viewers who watch the very end of the credits of Super Men Behind Bars are rewarded with hearing the matron say "You're just a stupid kid from Cleveland!" It's a line from the camp cult classic "Reform School Girls" and a tip of our hat to its director, Tom Di Simone, who coincidentally just happened to be doing some work in the same post-production facility. How come we can't remember our cell-phone number, but have no trouble recalling lines from movies we saw ten years ago?

Knight Ahoy!
Joe Reitano scores a double hit in the August magazines. He's the Playgirl discovery for August and he's also gracing the cover of Men's Workout. In the Playgirl portfolio called, Reel Love, which opens the issue, Joe has eight pages of nude photos on and around a fishing boat. In Men's Workout, he demonstrates his exercises for upper and lower abs and describes how chronic asthma has not affected his conditioning. Joe has a unique status at Sharpshooter. His "up close and personal" vignette in our video, Knaked Knights is one continuous, riveting four-minute shot. It's a real tribute to his concentration and intensity.

Bad Beach Boy
The August "wet" issue of Playgirl also features surfer-model Tristan Corbett from our video,Super Men Behind Bars in a beach sequence as their Real Man of the Month. Tristan reports the Playgirl shoot was a day at the beach compared with the handcuffs, leg irons, lockups, food fight and water torture he endured for our shoot. But he says he had a good time anyway. His sensuous strip out of an Asian kimono is one of the highlights of the video.
Stripped, Ripped & Undressed
Stripped & Ripped is what the July issue of Playgirl calls its coverage of the Wild Boys, a Tucson troupe of hot male dancers attracting national attention. The first two dancers featured, Sabastian & J.J. star in Sharpshooter's newest video release Muscle Models Undressed. That's them standing back to back on the right side of our ad. While pleas to "take it all off" at the club are thwarted by liquor licensing laws, you can see every inch of Sabastian and J.J. alone and together in our steamy video. And both guys have a lot to show you. Sharpshooter turned its cameras around on some of our own customers for Muscle Models Undressed . It takes you behind the scenes for the mostly nude fittings and backstage changes at a major runway fashion show. We invited customers in the L.A. area to impersonate an audience of fashionistas wathching the show. About 50 turned up on a Sunday afternoon in February and had a good time applauding and photographing the eight models who paraded down the runway in more than five dozen outfits from patent leather club gear to the skimpiest mesh posing straps. Afterwards, Sabastian & J.J. came out to meet the guests and posed for personal photos.

Big Kahuna Behind Bars
Jerry Banks is the "Discovery" who opens the June 2000 issue of Playgirl- a stunning 8 page beach spread photographed by Keith Munyan. But we discovered Jerry first- he's one of the buff prisoners in Super Men Behind Bars. His nude guitar rendition of "Friends in Low Places" helps drive the guards and the judge to distraction. Jerry's fellow inmate, Reid Hutchins, was Playgirl's 25th Anniversary Man. With that recoginition, he's done some other videos. But if you want a really long, hard look at him, ours is the only choice.

Devilish Delivery Man
Most of our models' Playgirl Magazine photo layouts are shot by photographer Dean Keefer. Dean is already shooting model Darnell Jones from Hunks on Haunted Hill. Darnell worked as a United Parcel delivery man and he looked really good in those uniform shorts. We were tempted to switch shippers (we use the postal service) just so Darnell could deliver some of his videos in person.

Boxing's Nile Knockout!
There's been great reaction to Danny Elftsen, one of the exotic young athletes in Buff Bad Boys Boxing Club. His wasp waist (27"), smooth skin and sultry, bedroom eyes leave lots of viewers limp. Danny has Egyptian blood. One of his secrets to staying in shape is a roommate who's a top celebrity trainer.

Playgirl's Haunted Hunk
Playgirl's May 2000 issue shows off alot of Jake Colebrook from Hunks on Haunted Hill. They call him "Kevin" but you can see it's Jake because our ad for the video just happens to be in the same issue. If you're in Chicago, you might catch Jake live: he's well known there on the exotic dance circuit.

Prison Food Fight a Riot!
If they gave Academy Awards for the most disgusting meal in a movie, the one that tiggers the food fight in Super Men Behind Bars would retire the statue. The director wanted to really mess up the cast's white prison jumpsuits (so they'd have to take them off, of course.) The producer didn't want to spend money on food that was only going to be thrown around. They compromised on franks, beans and grape juice. The only bigger mess was cleaning up afterwards. It was no coincidence that the hose down scene was shot next.

More "Knights" & "Sports" Pics
We just added more hot pics to the "Knaked Knights" and "Wide Nude World of Sports" pages. See the next two following related stories.

Mens Workout Coverman Knighted
Joe Reitano from "Knaked Knights" is the coverman of the June 2000 issue of Men's Workout. No pics of him inside but we hear a major photo spread is in the works for a future issue.
Muddy River
Our models continue to dominate Playgirl. The first photo feature in the April 2000 issue (the one with "Scandalous Celebrity X-posures" on the cover) is the River Wild with David Martincech from our "Wide Nude World of Sports" video. David looks great kyaking and riding the rapids of a river in the Catskills. But to see him nude mud-wrestling, you have to get the video.

If Daniel Freeman looks right at home during his breathtaking sequence on a racing bike in "Junkyard Boyz", there's good reason. Daniel worked the bike rental concession at Venice Beach where one of our talent scouts discovered him. That's Daniel's own racing gear he's stripping out of and his own two wheels he's climbing all over. A student from Sweden without a car, Daniel thinks nothing of pedaling miles around L.A., which is how he built up those beautiful calves and thighs. Since his debut in Junkyard Boyz, Daniel has gone on to be featured in ads for RIPS Underwear.

More Pictures
We're adding lots more exciting pictures to the descriptions of each of our titles so you can see more (and more of) the hot hunks featured in the videos. Check out your favorite titles!
When the new pics are added, we'll announce it here!
Stay tuned for more exciting Sharpshooter news!
Pictures just added
More model and action shots from our blockbuster video, "College Muscle Jocks", featuring Mens Workout and Playgirl Superstar, Seth Sorenson.

Playgirl Back to Back to Back
Many of our Sharpshooter models come from the pages of Playgirl Magazine. Playgirl's March issue turns that upside down with two major photo layouts of models already featured in Sharpshooter videos!
The 10-page centerfold, Mr. Sandman, is David Dawson from "Hunks on Haunted Hill". David had a great time at our shoot - the bloopers at the end credits show him breaking up at his co-stars antics. His nude fight scene with the stunning Gavin Hunter is one of the video's hottest sequences.

One of our Bad Boy Boxers featured in Playgirl!
Just pages away, Playgirl's Young Hunk of the Month is James Spangler from "Buff Bad Boys Boxing Club", who's featured in an 8-page spread including a foldout. Our sharp-eyed producer Jerry Jensen spotted James dancing with his shirt off at one of West Hollywood's hot clubs. During the day James can be found behind the counter of a Beverly Hills Starbucks. Last we heard, he was looking for a nice quiet office job- it seems some of those Beverly Hills matrons can get awfully demanding about their mocha lattes.

More Bachelor Party Fun
We've just added more pics at the "Buff Bachelor Party Weekend" page. In case you didn't notice the hot blonds on the box cover are real twin brothers!

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